Gnome Battlewagons

Wagons without horses


This enclosed wagon requires a crew of six to run. One driver, three gunners, and two engineers make a Battlewagon their home. It is propelled by an entirely alcohol run engine, no magic required. Each gunner can shoot 3 large bolts in a round each deals a 1d10 damage, however they suffer a -2 penalty to each shot (Separate ranged attacks) which is at the gunners highest attack bonus. Each Wagon is about 10 feet wide by 25 feet long.


Before the Mages attacked their capitals and drove them from their lands, these wagons were used to take crops to all the Houses. Four Winds supplied these wagons to House Bounty and ensured the quick distribution of crops and trade. These wagons had mixed crews of both halfling traders and gnome engineers. Now they are used as slow moving fire support and troop transports. In total each wagon can hold 10 medium sized humanoids plus the crew. The Halfings and gnomes themselves enjoy the company and are happily welcomed in any Houses Land.

Gnome Battlewagons

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