A Gods Forge


This forge is capable of making even the simplest smith into a master. It seems to be intelligent but it only speak to its forge-masters telepathically. Anyone using the forge need simply supply the material and they can make almost anything they desire or need, feats and xp flow into the character while in the act of forging. But the forge has its whims it wont help make an item occasionally especially if its simply for profit then the user has to put forth xp and know the feats required to make the item.


Found entirely intact inside a volcano the dwvares of this region set down from their wandering ways and founded a house and city built around this forge. They see it as a sign from their god of his favor. The forge itself speaks to young dwarves who it believes are capable of being one of its forgemasters. These youth need simply walk to the forge and the Forge itself creates a token of its will. It will occasionally spit forth a magic item of its own accord that can only be used by a certain person. Many tales have built around these items, most of which never see their master.


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