Hunter's Fangs

A Trackers Weapon

weapon (melee)

A Double Orc Axe this weapon seems to be of barbaric construction with what appears to be large jagged fangs for axe heads. But on closer inspection one can see it was instead crafted to look this way and its metal has a dark red sheen on its axe heads in direct light. Its haft is a dark oak wood with metal reinforcement built in looking like ornate leopards stalking deer. Its omen is user can feel their heart beat faster as if they were enraged even if they are calm and hear the beat of drums in the distance.

Levels 5-10 gains the weapons enhancements of con damage on critical hits with each end also accounts for its omen and materials.

Skilled tracker: At level 11 the user gains a +10 to survival skill in relation to tracking and ignoring the elements.

Speed of the Leopard: At level 13 the user gains a +10 to their landspeed, also they can use haste 3/day when they speak the phrase “For the thrill of the hunt”

Cunning of the hunter: At level 14 The holder of Hunter’s Fangs is never caught flat-footed.

Hide from Prey: At level 16 the owner of Hunter’s Fangs can speak the phrase “Stalkers Fur” and become invisible as though affected by the invisibility spell.

Strength of the Warrior: At level 17 the owner of Hunter’s Fangs gains +6 to strength

Leap of the lepaord: At level 18 the owner of Hunter’s Fangs can use the spell dimension door three times a day. This is activated by a thought. It is limited to visual range however.

Rage of the Betrayed: At level 20 the owner of the Hunter’s Fangs can go into a rage like a great orc berserker, the user speak the command phrase “An orc demands their vengence”. This is confers a +6 to Strength and Con and a +3 to will saves but a -2 to AC. The owner can stay in this state for 4 and their con modifier (the new mod counts). She is not tired after coming out of the rage. This can only be used once an encounter and only 3 times a day.

Negatives chart 4-3 on in the legacy weapon book page 185


This traditional orc double axe was originally crafted out of bone inlaid into poorly crafted bronze axe heads for a young Orc hunter. His tribe was small and nomadic, they never warred with other Orc bands being too small. The young hunter set out each night to search for easy sleeping prey. One night in early winter as he searched for such prey he smelled fire. Looking back towards his village he saw the fire from its tents. He sprinted back to his village emptying his lungs of air in the effort. When he finally got there he witnessed the village being slaughtered by the tribe’s chieftain who was ripping the hunter’s friends and family limb from limb. The young orc screamed in outrage and anuish. His weapon responded humming with power as he charged into the fight with the much larger orc. The hunter fought well but was no match for the chieftain he was knocked down. He awoke many days later his wounds had healed and a single white leopard standing above him. It lead him to the tracks of the betrayer. Then left him and wandered into the forest, this is said to be the first time Amal intervened in the orc tribes.

DC 20 knowledge check
It was the dead of winter when the young hunter tracked down his chieftain. His skill was unerring as he tracked the 3 day old tracks through a snowstorm. Each time he rested and leaned against his weapon it warmed him against the harshness of the storm, this gave him the strength to continue. Each day he somehow picked up the trail again as if it was a few hours fresh. As he hunter approached his prey he felt himself become more and more feral and he found himself being able to run faster and faster as he closed in. His heart beat faster and faster, his vision blurred red. He killed any beast in his path, leaping tree to tree sending snow off the branches. This path became known as the Path of Blood, which became a House road hundreds of years later. A few times he did manage to catch the chief each time wounding him sometimes, slowing him down but still the chief managed to avoid him disappearing into the trees. Still the young hunter pursued the much faster warrior.

DC 25
When the hunter finally reached his quarry his blood ran so hot he did not pay attention to those he cut down. So when he finally sunk his axe head into the heart of the chieftain and his vision cleared. As he looked around, he realized he was standing in the ruins of a Orc war camp. Mounds of bodies surrounded him, and to his horror he realized there where women and children in those piles. He fell to his knees in sorrow realizing in his rage he had his revenge at the cost of his sanity. He tired to break the axe in half and each time he tired it reformed its shape. It had gained a will to survive. Once again the white leopard appeared to him and he followed it once again to the top of a mountain. He flung his blood soaked double axe into the mountain’s maw bellowing his pain. Then the leopard led him at last into the forest. Where he gathered war harrowed orcs who wished not for glory but for peace. The weapon which was dubbed Hunter’s Fangs has reappeared in times of great orc strife always to the one who was wronged the greatest.

Hunter's Fangs

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