Judgement's Call

Mace of Justice

weapon (melee)

This ornate giant two handed mace has a dark wood haft that leads to its six part head which appears to be gold but it is actually made out of a much stronger metal. Its owner is always a worshiper of Saint Cuthbert and most of the time one of his clerics. In the hands of a true believer its said to amplify their own powers. The mace itself is so large it requires two hands to wield properly and is easily as tall as most humans. When held the user feels invigorated if of the lawful alignment and when grasped by a chaotic creature they feel weighed down and confined. The Church of Saint Cuthbert has commissioned this weapon from the GreyForge and its said that the Saint himself blessed it.

Will of the Faithful: at level 6 the owner of Judgement’s Call gets +1 to all saves

Stand Where You Are: at level 7 the owner of Judgement’s Call can make an opponent stand still as if they were affected by the Hold Person spell. Will save DC 18 to resist. The command word for this is the same as the name for it.

Chains of Judgement: At level 9 the owner of Judgement can three times a day summon chains from the ground to hold a group of foes all within a 20 by 20 ft square immobile and unable to move unless they make a DC 20 str check or a DC 25 escape artist and even when free they still are entangled and can only move very slowly. Treat at the Web Spell. DC 17 will to resist its effects. This can be activated by pointing the warmace at the area and saying “No one can escape justice”.

Blows of Justice: At level 11 the owner of Judgement’s Call can use haste for one round a day as if he were wearing Boots of Haste. This in effect makes the wearer have an extra attack with Judgement’s Call at your highest BAB.

Summon the Hound of the Saint: At level 13 The owner of Judgement’s Call can call a Hound Archon once a day for 10 rounds as if using the Summon Monster V spell.

Blessing of the Saint: at level 15 the item becomes a Holy Axiomatic Warmace, dealing an extra 2d6 to evil and another 2d6 to chaotic creatures.

Divine Sight: At level 16 you gain the ability to see all that is hidden, three times per day they can activate this effect that is like the True seeing spell.

Kneel Before the Judge: At level 18 twice a day the owner of Judgement’s call can tap the pommel onto the ground and knock back all opponents within 30ft to the edge of that radius, dealing 6d6 force damage and knocking them prone. He activates this he merely has to say “You have been judged”.

The Avatar of Judgement: At level 20 the owner of Judgement’s Call can utter the phrase “I am the Law!” and his mouth and eye will shine with a light from within. The warmace itself becomes more solid and dense giving it an extra 4d6 damage. All those who stand with him gain a minor buff to ac and to hit of +2. While he gains DR 15 and a +4 to ac.


Knowledge DC 15
This giant mace wasn’t originally from the Greyforge despite common belief. It was made by a cult of Saint Cuthbert who venerated justice and law above all else. This weapon was to be used by the High Priest of the order and a tool of justice. However it was used as a tool for execution The High Priest doled out death penalties day after day smashing skulls of many a criminal. Its gold head became encrusted with the blood of many men. When the time came to lead a crusade against a particularly large and threatening gang of thugs, the high priest was the first out the the front lines despite the urges from his colleagues to stay away from the fight and leader from the back. The all out war on the streets was devastating on both sides but whenever the High Priest lead his followers the criminals would either run or give themselves up without a fight. They would often try to speak to the High Priest before being slain or muzzled by his followers. He wondered as to why and when returning to his cardinals he asked what were the crimes of those men in the streets. His Cardinals remained silent but as he strode into the room he was stabbed in the back by his primary lieutenant.

Ritual: Mind of the betrayed
Be betrayed by someone in your order and understand what the high priest went through. This can be fulfilled in many ways but the betrayed has to find out about it.

Knowledge DC 20

As he fell to his knees on the ground he found himself astonished. His former comrades explained that the poor of the city were all sinners and lawbreakers so they were exterminating them as per the codes of the Saint. They themselves thought he might have an issue with this glorious crusade so they decided to keep him in the dark while serving a greater purpose by killing those who transgressed the law. But he had found out their plan unfortunately to late and knowing that he would refuse to continue with their work, they had to kill him to finish the great crusade. As the High Priest/Judge knelt he suddenly heard the voice of St. Cuthbert in his mind, what was said is unknown. The High Priest stood up despite his mortal wound in his spine and clutching Judgement’s Call in his hands, strength flowing into his body. They rushed him all at once brandishing maces and daggers. They beat him relentlessly and he stood there and took it all, never flinching once. Then he struck his mighty warmaces hilt against the ground, “Enough”. They all froze mid swing and were knocked back by an invisible force. “You saw me rise from a mortal wound. I gave you your one chance and St. Cuthbert has given you many. There will be no others.” With these words he struck down the first of the Cardinals. The blow knocked the mans head and shoulders off his body. Dumbstruck the other priests stepped back. “You have been judged.” his voice boomed throughout the chruch.

Ritual: Rite of The Judge
To complete this ritual you must right a wrong, this many be many things including writing the wrong that was done to you by your betrayer.

Knowledge DC 25

The cardinals ran to the doors but found them sealed. The High Priest continued his slaughter of his former followers, each time his blows knocked his foes to the ground rendering them dead in seconds. As he strode to his lieutenant the last of his followers alive the man scrambled to the altar of the Saint begging for his life. The High Priest raised his warmace to set the end this cu. But as he did the lieutenant used Gate to escape to another plate just in time. The High Priest bellowed in rage, justice had been denied. St. Cuthbert had granted him strength and destruction for naught. He searched the planes far and wide for his quarry but did not find him. His mind was set however and he rebuilt the Saint’s Church and this time made sure each recruit was drilled incessantly on the laws of both the land and of St. Cuthbert. He taught of the justice and might that can be achieved through worship of the Saint. This said always made sure his men searched far and wide for the Betrayer as he had become know as by all the members within the church. When he died the church entombed his body high in the mountains above the Greyforge, and Judgement’s call was entrusted to the forge to decide who the next wielder would be which it has for many decades each time selecting a true avatar of the Judge’s might.

Judgement's Call

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