Nightstriders Bow

Sniper's best friend

weapon (ranged)

This +1 Flaming shortbow is finely crafted with well integrated sights that when looked through give the user enhanced vision. It is also warm to the touch as most flaming weapons are. The carvings on the limbs of the bow suggest fire but its not particularly clear. Nightstrider’s bow is charred black with a black drawstring.

Fire Arrows: At level 7 you gain the ability to draw 3 extra arrows out of your quiver three times a day (They are not material arrows they are energy and dont count towards your arrow total).These arrows never miss and do 1d4+1 fire damage each as the magic missile spell. You fire these 3 arrows all at the same time, but they can be directed at different targets.

Uncanny Speed: At level 8 the user of Nightstrider’s bow gets a 5 ft speed enhancement bonus.

Freerunning Artist: At level 10 the holder of NightStalkers Bow is able to climb any vertical surface at the speed of 20 ft a round.

Flaming Shot: At level 11 five times a day, you can imbue Nightstrider’s with flaming energy that does an extra 5d6 damage along with the regular damage it does (excluding the regular flaming bonus). This however takes a standard action to preform along with recharging it. Activation phrase: “Let my foes burn”

Ignore Arrow wounds: At level 12 the bearer of Nightstider’s Bow can ignore some ranged weapon damage, DR 10/magic against ranged weapons as if affected by a Protection from Arrows Spell.

The Bow Reveals It’s true Power: At level 14 NightStrider bow becomes a +1 Flaming Burst Shortbow. Also when it activates its burst power all foes around it (30 ft) become distracted as the target is immolated. This means nearby foes can be flanked with a +2 to hit bonus.

Nimble Flames: At level 16 The Bow bestows the user with a +4 enhancement bonus to Dex.

Snipers Extreme Range: At level 17 the user of Nightstrider’s bow can use its advanced sights to full use, its range increment is tripled and when the sight is looked down the user can see foes highlighted in the sight even if they are behind cover or invisible. To active the sight the user has to utter the phrase “Show me my foe”.

The Impossible Shot: At level 19 the user of Nightstrider’s Bow can make a shot no one else can. With the phrase “I never miss” the bow bestow a +20 to hit with a single attack, It also does 10d6 fire damage and sets the target on fire dealing 1d6 fire damage a round until a standard action is taken to put it out. It the target dies they turn to a pile of ash and cannot be brought back from the dead. This can only be used once a day. There are no range negatives when using this ability as long as the user can see the person in the sights.


DC 15 knowledge check:
This bow was a simple weapon in the past, just a beat up sort of reliable short bow. Its owners where many over the years until it came into the hands of Alton Fletcher a bow maker. Upon seeing the bow Fletcher saw its simple beauty and repaired into usefulness. Alton was a decent bowman and had to practice by candle light each night after working everyday. One night his shop was broken into by a large group of thugs who had scoped out the shop and seen the bow hanging behind the counter. Being skilled with a shortbow the Halfling store owner leaped into action. He shot two of the thugs dead before they reached the counter. The other three thugs were with arms reach when he pulled three arrows out of thin air wreathed in flame and fired all three through their skulls. He was astonished as he was no where capable of these feats and as he looked at the bow in his hand. It was wreathed in flames which were fading. The bow had chosen its bearer.

Ritual: Stand your own against a group of foes and unbeatable odds, at least 5 opponents on your own. Standing your own can be classified as surviving an encounter, that means getting away after engaging in a fight counts. The only weapon you can use for the encounter is NightStalker’s Bow.

DC 20 Knowledge Check:
Alton had just killed the town’s Mob boss’s son and his 4 friends. The authorities took the bodies away the next day and almost put Alton away for it, but the clerics of The Saint intervened ensuring his freedom. This didnt stop the Boss. Alton awoke one night to find his store aflame and a large mob outside his door. He grabbed his favorite bow and climbed onto his roof of his store leaping from one handhold to the next. As the flames consumed his house Alton looked down into the crowd and around him. He saw his only chance of escape was across the roofs. He made the jump barely clinging to the next building gutter. As he pulled himself onto the roof he took a bolt to his left arm. The roofs across the street was lined with crossbowmen all trained on him. He scrambled behind a chimney for cover as a hail of bolts came down on the roof. Alton broke the bolt off and considered his options. As he did he realized his quiver was suddenly full of flaming arrows and the bow itself had been charred at each tip. He found himself walking out into the open and pulling his bow to full draw with a fistful of arrows notched. As Alton strode forward and fired his first volley and lances of flame leaped and hit 7 of the thugs and they fell into the street bellow. As he drew his next volley the crossbowmen desperately fired over and over but even their surest shot didn’t land a bolt. Then Alton fired again killing the rest of them setting most on fire. The crowd bellow realized what was happening and started to panic and disperse. The Mob boss leader was enraged but could do nothing about Altons escape.

Walk directly into the line of fire of a ranged foe/foes without fear and take at least 20 damage from ranged projectile attacks. The wielder cant act against those foes (attack in away way) until he has sustained that damage.

DC 25 Knowledge Check:
Alton stunned at what he just did and just started running, it seemed easier to jump building to building. He found that even if he hit the side of the building he could run up it like a spider. Eventually he made it out of town safe and into the plains. He found a caravan and hopped aboard a Battlewagon which he joined for a few years trying to forget all the men he killed and his destroyed shop. He learned the art of stealth and honed his already impressive shooting skilled. he tired to repair the bow and added a sight to it. But the charring couldn’t be fixed it spread down the weapon to its grip. He acted as either forward scout or main gunner for his crew. Eventually he ended up in the city he had left behind all those years ago. The city had fallen completely to corruption and the Mobs boss had taken control of the city and its authorities. It was open warfare between the gang and St. Cuthbert’s church, who were trying to restore order to the town. Using the skills he had learned on the trade routes Alton, under the cover of night, helped the Saint’s men without their knowledge. He sniped from the rooftops which he could easily scale. Picking off those who were about to overwhelm the Saints Men. Those who were struck were set aflame. Eventually only the Mob’s boss was left along with his personal guard. He became extremely paranoid staying inside making sure he was in contact with his men at all times, his house became a fortress. Then one day as the Boss ate his meal at his long table in his tall chair when he heard a small noise. As he looked up suddenly the arrow that was already in his chest burst into flame. The noise and been the window glass cracking. Sitting in the tallest tower in the city Alton Fletcher had made the impossible half mile shot.

Nightstriders Bow

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