The Mage Eater

weapon (melee)

This magebane shocking-burst scimitar is a dark silvery green, its omen is it hums in the presence of a mage who means the person who holds Starbite harm. The hilt is a dark obsidian that looks almost like an opaque crystal, it has a ruby pommel that has a star carved into it. The blade itself is sliver in daylight and a dark green in starlight. On the blade are serpents with the heads of dragons eating what looks to be magical spells.

Levels 5-10: Its abilities for these levels are that the item itself is intelligent (18 int, 18 chr and wisdom 10, sight out to 120ft dark vision, can speak common and be communicate telepathically with its wielder) and its enchanements. Additionally it allows the user to be aware of hostile Magic casters within 120ft. Also Starbite is loud and rather egoistical during combat.

Thrill of the Fight: At level 11 Starbite’s unusually flamboyant fighting attitude wears off on the user granting the user a +3 luck bonus to AC.

Shrug off the Pain: at level 12 the wielder of Starbite gain the ability to heal themselves with the spell Cure Serious Wounds three times a day, using the command phrase “just a scratch”. The wounds however look like they are bleeding and open while that encounter is happening and fade after.

Hail of Blades/Missile Eater: At level 14, Three times a day when the wielder of Starbite swings the weapon before them it creates 5 blades of magic the same size and shape as Starbite (functions like Magic missile each one does 1d4+1 damage, can be split up among targets.) This ability can also be used to absorb magic missiles, up to 10 each day, this also adds to the number that can be used by the wielder up to a max of 10 with each use. The command phrase for this is, “Fear the hail of blades”

Nimble Warrior: At level 16 The owner of Starbite gains an understanding of why Starbite forces them to flourish with each strike and gains a +4 dex bonus when holding it.

Star’s Light: At level 18 the wielder of this item can point the item and say “I fear no Mage”, a charge builds in the hilt traveling down the blade and is discharges at its point hitting numerous foes. This effect is a chain lighting spell the save dc is 20.

A Mages Greatest Fear: At level 20 Starbite lives up to its legend. When the wielder hits a mage with a critical hit it severs its connection to its casting for its next action any spells they try to use automatically fail.

Negative effects see page 185 of legacy weapons table 4-3


This blade was originally made for a Wizard of the southern desert of great power and renown to defend himself from his competitors and his pupils. It was designed to be a mage slaying weapon made from the stars themselves, capable of harvesting the foes magical essence, stealing their spells to use against them. But while its forging it was accidentally imbued with intelligence, it could choose who used it. Whenever the Wizard tired to use Starbite it failed to obey its command word. Starbite understood what the Wizard truly wanted it for, the slaying of his pupils to absorb their magic into Starbite to make him unbeatable. Each time the Wizard grew more and more frustrated until he just gave up trying to use it and gave it instead to his bodyguard who was a honorable woman. Overtime the Wizard become more and more powerful carving out his territory by force, the bodyguard became more wary of the death the Wizard was causing. One day in the wizards court she was order to kill a streetrat as the Wizard watched in front of a crowd. Starbite to the boys throat she heard a voice in her head, “this isn’t what i was made to do, nor was it what you were born to do. He has his wards down for now if you strike him bellow the ribs.” She realized that it was her scimitar who was speaking into her mind. She made her decision, she thrust backward behind her slicing into the mages belly all the way to his spine.
Ritual: Must defeat in single combat a mage who is a close friend but has turned down a dark path.

DC 20

As she pulled the blade out Starbite let out an audible laugh, “HA! Never put your guard down you fool!” Everyone in the crowd was stunned speechlees, and the former bodyguard stood before 5 loyal Sorcerers who were intent on killing her. Starbite once again spoke into her head giving her the weaknesses in their armor and spells, which she cut through with grace and accuracy slaying each in turn. “WELL THAT WAS EASY!” Stabite boomed before the crowd and they all backed away. The woman then grabbed the boy and walked out without being challenged again.
Ritual: Slay at least five mages of the same level in open combat must be engaged with them all at the same time. Help is ok but the killing blows must be Starbite’s wielder.

DC 25
The woman and the boy escaped from the Wizard’s forces but were always pursued and every time they entered a town it was destroyed by the pursuers in their wake. She raised the boy as her own trying to bring him a life of normalcy. But no matter how well she hid the mages kept finding her. She eventually left the boy in a small town within a protected land and went back to the Wizards allies, as she strode into their camp she unnervingly dodged all spells cast at her slicing the hands off of all those she past making them unable to cast ever again. She spotted her foe at last, the Wizard had become a lich. This time both the woman and Starbite made no mistake cutting his head off and burning his body, but in the process of destroying its Phylicatry she was stricken with a lethal blow. Starbite was lost after this but it is said that the young boy found his adoptive mother body and weapon, vowing vengence on all spellcasters.


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