Mark Mage (Class)

This is a template for a Home Brewed class:

Mark Mage:
These Mages come form the North eastern mountains. They combine both martial and divine might using marks to burn/bind evil and Free Magic away. They can combine these marks into numerous different effects, giving them a vast array of abilities. Many choose the path of fire and binding allowing them to do away with the undead that are common in the areas they traditionally come from. Others use frost Marks along with protection magic to guard their village from outsiders. There are a large number of Marks available but mark mages can only memorize one at a time. This limits their power greatly. They primarily act as battle casters who dive into combat and can take a bit of a beating, however they look to end combat quickly because they cannot sustain long fights of attrition.

Abilities: Their Mark casting is based off of their wisdom so having a high wisdom score is highly recommended. Also given the fact that Mark Mages can use two martial weapons a high Str or Dex is helpful to deliver their attacks. A high Con also makes a Mark Mage able to stay in the fight longer.

HD: d6

BAB: Average (See page 22 PH)
Fort Save: Poor (22 PH)
Reflex Save: Poor (22 PH)
Will Save: Good (22 PH)

Class Skills: Concentration (Wisdom), Heal (Wisdom), Knowledge Religion/Charter (Wisdom), Spot (Wisdom), Sense motive (Wisdom), Craft (Int), Climb (Str), Listen (Wisdom) and Preform (Cha).

Class Features-
Weapon Proficiency:
A Mark Mage can use all simple weapons along with two martial weapons of their choosing (this represents their own personal dedication to practicing with those weapons) and can use light or medium armor without interfering with their spell casting.

Marks Known and Casting:
At 1st level a Mark Mage can pick from the 1st-5th level Marks one Mark. Each level thereafter he selects another mark to master. At 5-10th level she can pick marks from those levels list, this continues at 10-15th and at 15-20. He can pick a mark from a lower level if he so wishes but his choice is permanent he may not master another mark. He can call upon any of these marks at a moments notice but this requires a concentration check which is stated in the Marks description. to pull it out of the charter if the check is failed the mark doesn’t come forth and fails. Any mark can be a ranged touch or melee touch attack. To resist the effect of a mark its DC is determined by its base save plus Wisdom modifier. Casting is an attack action unless otherwise stated.

Bonus Feats: every 4th level (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th) a Mark Mage gains a bonus feat which has to be selected off the Fighter class list, this represents the Mage’s dedication to their preferred weapons and fighting style.

Greater Understanding of the Charter:
At 5th level and every five levels after that a Mark Mage gains a greater understanding of how each mark in the charter relates to the other. In understanding this they can combine the marks and use them in combination. At level ten they can use 3 in combination and so on. However this draws heavily on the caster and they can only use this ability once a day, this changes at level 13 where it can be done twice a day. There is also a backlash of damage on the user of 1d6 per mark used in the casting.

Charter Marked Weapon:
At level 7 a Mark Mage can cast any mark they know on their weapon, the mark is expended on the first attack they make with the one of the two martial weapons that he selected when becoming a Mark Mages. The weapons need to be prepared for accepting the Marks, in a ceremony that takes 5 hours of devoted time and costs 1000 gp along with 100xp. After the ceremony the engraving on the weapon represent the never ending charter, when invested with a mark they move along the weapon. This weapon can only be used by a mark mage.

Mark List

1st-5rd level marks:

Fire/Frost/Lighting (each one of these marks count as one): This mark does 1d4 fire damage per level (Max 7d4 Dc 12 to cast), this changes at level 7 when the damage dice is upped to 1d6 per level (Max 9d6). This mark if placed on a dead body will cremate it and will be unable to be raised as undead however the concentration check is upped to DC 15. This marks damage can also be delayed indefinitely however the check for this Mark grows to a DC 20 to cast. Finally at level 15 it can be applied to a surface and when triggered do damage to those within 5ft of it DC 25 to cast. (Frost Mark does the same effects but it does not cremate, it does however cause an slow effect that causes the target to move at half speed for 4 rounds and has a DC of 15 to cast)(Lighting Mark has the same effects but the caster can hit those who wear armor or a significant amount metal with deadly force and add +7 to the damage, DC 15 to cast.)

Protection: this mark can be used to create an area that requires a will check to enter. It takes four of these mark in tandem to create this ward of 10 square feet. It can also be placed upon a person or creature giving them a deflection bonus based on the concentration check result 0-10 is a fail or 0, 11-15 is a +1 15-20 is a +2, this lasts for 10 minutes after it is placed. It can be applied to a shield or armor as well giving bonuses to those bonuses to AC same rules as above. However a creature can only gain the bonuses of one of these marks at a time. It can also be used as an Arrow Ward with a check of 25 it can deflect any arrows or ranged attacks at the user including spells if the check is passed at 35.

Light: This mark can cause light to emanate in a 40 foot radius (DC 10 to cast). It also can be use to make a blinding orb of light that blinds all but the caster and does 5d6 to those vulnerable to light (DC 15 to cast and DC 14+wis mod to resist.) It can be pulled from the charter with such strength that all invisibility is seen through (DC 25 to cast, no save to resist)

Level 6-10 Marks:
Binding: This mark has numerous effects, it can cause a paralysis effect when the Mage touches a foe this only lasts one round however DC 20. Its more lasting effect includes a charm effect in which the subject treats the caster as friendly and will obey his every command DC 25, this lasts for 10 minutes or can be made never ending with a check of 30, the save for which is a will 20

Greater Fire/Frost/Lighting: This adds more damage and understanding of the mark that the mage already knows all effects DCs are reduced by 3. The damage goes up to a max of 14d6.

Concealment: This mark is one of the simplest with few uses. It can grant a +10 bonus to hide and move silently on the subject who is anyone who is willing (DC 20) alternatively it can be used to hide an area of 20 square feet but any one who leaves the area dispels the effect, it gives those in the area a +20 to Hide, it lasts 1min/level (DC 25 to Cast).

Healing: This mark can do healing based on the check result of the caster 0-5 is 1d4, 6-10 is 2d4, 11-15 is 2d6, 16-20 is 3d6, 21-25 is 4d6, 26-30 is 5d6. They can also heal serious wounds at a DC of 20. Lastly this spell can be used on undead to do damage at the same DC but +2 to each DC. Undead have to make a will save of 14 to resist.

Level 11-15

Greater Healing: Lowers the casting DC by 3 and adds an extra dice of healing to each success. It also allows regeneration of lost limbs with a DC 25 check.

Greater Protection: lowers the casting DCs by 3 and also adds a additional +1 to each armor bonus gained.

Blasting: This mark when used to make a ranged attack pushes all of those away by 15ft from the target and deals 4d6 physical damage to all within the 15ft radius (DC 20). It can also be used to open doorways





Level 16-20

Last Rite:


Greater Binding:

Greater Blasting:


Mark Mage (Class)

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