The Special Units of the Houses

Bastard Bards: were started when a group of bastard childern banded togehter to protect and ease the tension in a struggling House Bounty during a seige of the heartlands in the early years of the houses. They became a household name when during a goblinoid attack on Bounty’s captial they walked out of the front gates under captapult fire. They talked the goblin king out of his clearly weak atempt at impressing his wife and sent him and his army home drunk and well fed. They excell at leading troops into battle and coordinating defenses. Their symbol is a Harp and a bow.

Throckmorton Knights: Founded by the orignal single ruling family the Throckmorton line these knights were orignally the body guards of the King and his family. Over time it was a tradition that the next ruler of Ravenwood to serve in the Knights to learn humility and learn the true cost of war. These elite knights are able horsemen but excell at taking down charging forces from a defensive palanex. They use nets and halberds to force the riders from their horses and entraps ground troops allowing the knights to either capture or finish off their foes. They are known to spar with the Crimson Riders to shore up the friendship and rivally between the two most war ready Houses. They wear black armor with their crest emblazoned on the chest, their symbol is a white oak like in their home city of White Glade.

Dancing Shadows: This elite force was put togehter during one of the Border Wars. There were many nations outside of Thraton that wanted their great wealth and fertile plainlands for their own. They gave the House an oppertunity to surrender and accounced their plans of conquest. Being greatly outmatched the housed turnned to the House of Shadows who were their main intellegence source. Shadows confrimed the threat then called on their stealthist and deadiliest spies to cut the head off of this attack. These men and women went deep into enemy territory made it deep into the leaderships homes and fortresses and slit each one of their throats. They were never seen in, the most one of the troops saw was a shadow dancing against the wall and then vanishing. As their name suggests they are primarly made up of shadow dancers and assassins who excell at never being seen and gathering infomation on targets. They have been know to be put on protection duty for high value military intllegentence agents of the Houses. The people protected by the Dancing Shadows ever know how close theyve come to death, as one of the shadows slits the snipers throat. Their symbol is a cloaked figure with a knife in its hand.

Black Axes: These Dwarven warriors are trained from birth in the martial arts, they learn their weapons feel and uses through daily training. Their prefered weapons are throwing axes. Which they can throw at extreme range much to the astonishment of the foes knocking at Greyforges front gates. Orignally founded as the dwarves wall guards but over time they became legends. They have proven their might by throwing their axes far enough to hit foes over a distance of 100 ft more than three times the distance it should be possible. They are extremely secertative about their techinics and as most of the dwarves very distrustful of outsiders. They dole out punishment to those who dont follow their warnings and run as fast as they can over the nearest hill. Their symbol is two black axes over a grey wall.

Silver Bows: Founded by a ranger named Sylan Silverbow soon after the formation of house Thorngrove the silverbows act as trackers and hunters of those who have wronged nature and their forests. Sliverbow himself was a master tracker and archer, he was known for being able to shoot through objects and armor to hit his targets. this was in part to his skill and the other part was his greatbow and how he made it. Sylan made it from a single sapling taller than himself, he used his spellcasting and knowledge to keep the sapling alive through the process. As the sapling matured it began to give more and more tension to the bowstring giving it its amazing distance and penetration power. Sliverbow passed this secert down along to his followers and they became known for the same reasons he was. They are comprised of both of druids that can shapechange into fiercesome animals with strong tracking skills and better combat abillities and rangers who are capable of taking out those who think hiding behind something will save them from an arrow. Their symbol is a sliver bow rooted to the ground.

Wind Riders: These gnome specailize in air combat on exotic mounts like giant eagles, giant owls, winged horses, and hippogriffs. Usually two on a single mount one who guides the mount and the other who fires a repeating crossbow or a ranged weapon. They main tactic is to do strafing runs at enemy positions softening up the resistance for ground forces and the gnome battlewagons. The Wind riders can be traced back to the dragon wars before the formation of the Houses. They were key in keeping the dragons grounded while ground forces finished them off. Before the attack they acted as scouts at the Thratons borders and as air support during times of war. After the attack on Four Winds most of the Wind riders were wiped out only a few 100 remain of their orginal 2 thousand. They now act as overwatch for the battlewagons that move food and supplies to the front lines, warning of danger and swooping down to assist. Their symbol is a crossbow backed by a twin wings.

Crimson riders: These red armored mounted knights are the pride of House Battleborn. They are mounted on mostly horses but some of them choose to ride more exotic mounts when they can find them. Their history can be traced to the founding of the House from a warband of humans who were nomdic housebound warriors. After the house was set up in a perminate location the Crimson riders became more of a defense force. They still are vicous warriors who when given the chance to go into all out war break the front lines of any force killing those in front on impact. The legends say that they get their red armor from the blood spray from these assualts they revil in bloodshed. They are considered brutal but effective by Battleborn leadership and are feared by many of the Houses foes. The last sight of many a foe has been a line of charging red armored humans amd horses as fast as a widfire. Their symbol is a flaming red skull backed by two lances.

Blades of the Desert: Shifting sands is an isolated House that prides its self on its independence, but they have to fight to keep it from the things that come from the Desert of Fire. The Blades of the Desert are on the front lines defending the Houses from these horrors. They are trained in hiding in the sands and can move at blinding speed to close the distance between them and foes. They specialize in two weapon fighting using short swords to whittle down their foes causing bleeding damage. They also are known for setting up devestating ambushes. Their training takes years if nt decades so there are very few Blades but the few that are active are said to be worth 100 men each in fighting ability. This limited fighting force is called upon in times of need to dive into the firestorms in the desert to recover relics of accient civilaztions. However they most often lose 60% of their troops on these trips so they only do it in times of dire need. Their symbol is a tan figure with two short swords crossed in front of them.

The Special Units of the Houses

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